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Indigenous communities know what’s best for their children. They know that home is the ideal place to boost cultural identity and well-being in the long run. Recognizing that solutions are not cookie-cutter, the Early Years’ process focuses on flexible infrastructure, trustful relationships and collaborative efforts that can sustain change.

The Beginning

Building Relationships

The Early Years team works in collaboration with community leaders, elders, parents/caregivers and service providers to co-develop and adapt programming to best meet the needs of families and their community.



Building Momentum

Making it Your Own

From there a program model which is informed by the community’s needs is implemented, creating career pathways for women and employing community members.



Looking Ahead

Keeping it Going

Once implemented, the model continues to evolve and be adapted as impact is measured. Consistent and meaningful data collection that is driven by relationships ensures that community leadership can tell the stories of their programming and participants.



The impacts

See how the Early Years makes an impact

Setting Early Years Goals

Growing up happy,
healthy, and supported

A child’s brain develops faster during the first five years of life than at any other time — and their environment and interactions shape their growth even before birth. Starting prenatally, the Early Years supports Indigenous families with adaptable programming that blends scientific research, practitioner experience, common sense, and traditional knowledge and wisdom. Key objectives include: